Are we really Equipped to Work from Home?

Work from Home has gained status of the New Normal. Do we have the necessary skills to Work from Home?

Ask yourself the following questions to get an answer:

Communication: Can you accurately convey ideas & interpret thought/ideas using Technology?

Self Motivation: Can you take initiative without being prompted or rewarded?

Trust Worthiness: Can you fulfill expectations without supervision?

Discipline: Are you in control of your own time, tasks, and energy?

Can you independently analyze, evaluate, and strategize an issue?

Adaptability: Can you adapt to and accurately prioritize tasks based on the changes around?

Accountability: Can you measure your own productivity?

Empathy: Are you aware & considerate of other peoples’ feelings?

To my mind the skills required to flourish in a Virtual environment aren’t very different from those required to do well in a Brick & Mortar environment. What makes it a little more challenging is that we need to do it largely by ourselves.

As the workforce becomes Virtual, it isn’t the Technology that will make or break the situation, it’s YOU!!!

This article expands on the 8 Critical Skills required to succeed while Working from Home. Very interesting read !!!!!