15 sessions of fun-filled learning: Virtual Campus to Corporate

We recently concluded an absolute fabulous 2 weeks of virtual learning with a Global Pharma company.

Owing to the Pandemic, we had participants logged in from their homes across the country.

Our challenges for the program were:

 1. Replicate a high energy classroom Campus to Corporate program virtually

 2. Keep participants engaged through the long intervention

 3. Manage technology disruptions

 4. Instill a learning mind-set into students that were learning from their homes & were stepping into the workplace for the first time

  Our Solutions:

 1. Leverage technology and gamify content to make learning fun

  2. Use workshop activities to develop a connect between teams & with the facilitator

  3. Keep the cameras on and encourage active participation, just like we would do in a regular classroom

  4. Set clear guidelines for participation and conduct

 The group of trainees we had were absolutely fantastic. Completely engaged throughout, extremely enthusiastic about learning and completely committed to the program.

Running a long intervention virtually comes with its set of challenges but the sessions were high on energy and learning throughout. Extremely satisfying outcomes !!!!!!