Success Stories

Advance business communication: a success story

This month we completed a pilot program on Advanced Business Communication for a global investment bank. The target audience was the AVP and VP population. It was a 6 session intervention spread over 3 months. Based on the feedback that was received for the program, we are set to roll this out as an organization wide initiative for all the executives that fall into band. Some of the verbatim feedback received post the intervention is:

“Whenever I face an escalation the de-escalation matrix that we covered during training starts playing in my head and I’m able to tackle the situation much better”

“This training has helped me tackle performance appraisal conversations much better now. I’m able to structure my conversations properly and get the other person to see my point of view”

“I did not realize that I was coming across strongly during team member conversations. I discovered this through the feedback I received during the role plays. It was a eureka moment for me”