Success Stories

“HAPPY ME”: Program for high achieving sales managers and sales directors of a Global Tyre manufacturer on Staying Happy in a highly competitive & stressful environment

Training Landscape:

Our client is one of the largest Tyre manufacturers in the world. They have an annual strategy meet for dealers & their sales teams. The idea behind this exercise is for the organization to build deeper connects with their distribution channel, recognize high performers and share best practices.
Selling, ever-increasing targets and the VUCA world often lead to escalated stress levels within sales teams. Organizations are now focusing on this critical area, to ensure they have a happy healthy and de-stressed employee base. The organization thought they would like to use this platform to help their sales teams cope with the rising stress levels they were witnessing. This meet was held at a beautiful resort in Kerala

Shradha HRD Solution:

The program was run by 2 facilitators working towards the same goals BUT using completely different methodologies:

  • Part 1 of the program focused on how the brain responds when faced with stressful situations; the effects of centuries of conditioning and the standard reactions of people under stressful conditions. The focus was on becoming aware of this mechanism of the brain and finding ways to beat it
  • Part 2 of the program explores the fundamental principles of Yoga & how simple exercises done everyday can keep stress levels in check.

    Program Feedback:

    This program was brilliantly received by participants. The feedback participants gave was:

    “I got a much needed break to just sit back and think about the damage my thinking can cause. I must work on reducing stress consciously”

    “I feel I now have a choice. I can choose to control my reactions & not let them spoil my day”