Success Stories

Customer speak on a recently completed project for a Global logistics company

We recently completed a project with a Global Logistics Company. The objective of the program was to improve English language communication and consequently the overall customer experience. Given below are the excerpts of the training feedback from their manager

I would like to tell you that our working with you has been a transformational experience for us…I can see the following in individuals in the team on a regular basis

1) Increased self confidence due to improved communication skills

2) Better quality emails

3) A serious attempt to speak in English during working hours..we have a collection box on our floor..everytime someone speaks in a native language they put in Rs.10 in the box..surprisingly I have contributed 60 bucks already in 2 days as only one of the team Sagar speaks Hindi and apparently when I speak with him I lapse into Hindi too and the team loves to catch me!!

4) A strong desire in individuals to keep the knowledge chain going so they keep checking each other when they find something wrong and its taken in the right spirit

Please convey my message and thanks to the trainers who have been responsible for bringing this huge change and enthusiasm in my team