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A Unique Program on Spirituality for Business Leadership at an Oil and Gas Company – Achieving External Success and Internal Evolution

The Landscape:
Business Leaders at an Oil and Gas company felt the need for a formula that would help them drive growth and productivity at the workplace. Additionally they felt the need to help them discover inner peace and maintain an equilibrium, even during difficult, turbulent times and challenging situations.

The Challenge:
Leaders that lead departments and divisions are expected, not only to drive results; they need to be able to take a long term view, think holistically, create robust systems and fire fight when there are unexpected challenges that come up. Everyday pressures to perform, grow and maintain your inner calm is a tall ask, from any one person. This requires a slightly unconventional approach, a transformation of the inner self, to lead and grow.

The Solution:
We conducted a 2 day program for the leaders which had thought provoking themes like-Why is #Spirituality becoming the cornerstone for success in #businessleadership? How can we achieve inner #happiness and external #success at the same time?

The program tackled the complex subject of #Spirituality and why it is paramount and essential today for #business leaders who lead big corporations that impact people’s lives in multifarious ways.

Delineating from #religion, the program opened up vistas of #selfempowerment and purposive working in today’s world.

Some themes we explored during the program were:

1.     What is the importance and benefits of #spirituality for leaders that sit at the head of organizations?
2.     How can we find inner #peace and yet gain external #success?
3.     How do we discover our true #purpose in life, work towards our goals with passion and discipline

Using the book #Cipher as a guide, we reflected and discussed laws that govern our lives and help us become more creative, more objective and above all more aware.

The Impact:
By the end of the program, participants had a clear roadmap on how to reconcile these tangential objectives-inner evolution and outward success- Both equally critical for all of us to be truly #HAPPY.

A personal blueprint for happiness and success!!!!!