Success Stories

One-on-One Coaching on Communication skills for senior managers

This quarter, we successfully completed two separate 1-on-1 coaching interventions for senior management level coachees.

The first coachee, belonged to a large consulting organization in the Finance domain. He had challenges around presenting to senior stakeholders, especially from other geographies. The challenges were largely aroundstructure of the presentation and inability to present the value proposition clearly & concisely, poor body language, monotonous voice quality. By the end of the coaching interventionthere was atremendous improvement overall presentation skills.Some of the quantifiable upgrades in performance were enhanced ability to structure presentations effectively and make them concise, elimination of monotony in speech, improved audibility and energy levels&body language in sync with the content of the presentations. This is feedback we received from the program sponsor who was the head of the business.

The second coaching intervention was for a prominent multinational bank. This intervention required us to help the coachee overcome challenges around English language including pronunciation, intonation and avoiding indianisms. Out of the 8 sound switches and corruptions observed in the pre-coaching assessment, we were able to get 2 completely eliminated and a remarkable reduction in the remaining 6. The coachee also received a lot of appreciation and positive feedback from his reporting managers in India and the UK