Success Stories

Program series on Consultative Selling for floor managers at a Global electronics consumer durable company

We recently completed a training intervention on Consultative Selling for a large multinational electronics conglomerate. The program was designed for managers who coach and train front line sales floor associates to drive sales at the company’s dealerships and company owned retail outlets across India. The program objective was to personalizing the customer experience through consultative selling. This was in line with the company’s objective for the year to delight the customer and enhance brand visibility through consultative selling.

This intervention had 3 main steps:

  • Conducting mystery audits across the company’s self-owned and multi-brand outlets. The results gathered from the experience and the discussions with the relevant stakeholders were used to contextualize the program.
  • Conducting the classroom roll-out. The key take away’s for the program included exploring individual areas of strength and areas of opportunities through customized role plays and business simulations. Creation of personalized action plans for individual participants.
  • Post program follow up. This included group coaching to track implementation of program learnings & find solutions for areas where participants had challenges in closing out action plan deliverables.

Post the program, the feedback from participants was extremely positive and encouraging, both for our client and for us as a team. Participants felt confident about applying consultative selling skills to their selling processes & coaching their team members on how to use this approach in different business situations.