Master Class for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)

Our Client for this program was a Global IT and Outsourcing Company. The Master class was conducted for over 120 participants at 4 different locations across India. The Participants were all part of the Internal Complaints Committee for their regions.

There were participants present in the classroom and there were others that logged in via the video conferencing facility from different locations within the region. Anyone that has trained in such a situation would realize this is a challenging situation& requires specialized methodologies to drive learning effectively.The challenge was to effectively engage employees in a classroom setting as well as on the virtual platform.

There were 2 facilitators that ran the Master Class. The facilitators were both Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields: Human Resources &Law. This allowed each of them to expand on different dimensions of the POSH ACT & give participants a complete 360 Degree view of the Act and its implementation.

For members of the ICC it is critical to know, both the HR perspective and the Legal Perspective in order to effectively deal with such a sensitive and critical topic.

The objectives of the program were:

  1. Create awareness about different aspects of the Sexual Harassment,
  2. Recognize the different forms of harassment&its widespread nature
  3. Expand on the different provisions of the POSH Act
  4. Discuss the technical aspects of handling a complaint & the functioning of ICC

The Methodology was completely experiential and based on actual situations that had occurred in the IT sector. The role plays on dealing with a complaint em-pathetically and following all the provisions of the law, made the Master Class relevant and a great learning for the Participants.

The informative and solution oriented nature of the training was greatly appreciated by the participants. The simultaneous facilitation of classroom and virtual modes was well received, and skillfully managed.