Integrating into India

Training landscape

Our client is a leading multinational alcohol beverage company that holds a dynamic and premium portfolio in the Wine & Spirits industry. A group of their senior executives were moving to India and they wanted to understand the subtle nuances of what living and working in India was all about.

business training

When we conducted interviews with the group and brought in experts in the field of culture sensitization, we found that there are three main challenges that emerge while integrating into the Indian work ecosystem. These are:

  1. Our indirect approach to communication
  2. Meetings stretching way beyond the slotted time
  3. Our inability to “say no” to those in authority

Shradha HRD solution

Our learning journey was based on the fact that culture can be likened to an iceberg: what is visible (language, customs, dress..) is the tip of the iceberg. Attitudes, beliefs, thought process, etc. is what is beneath the water and not immediately visible.

The program was held virtually in an experience-sharing, case-study driven format, which focused on the following:

  • The different dimensions of culture and where India lies on each dimension
  • The extend of India’s diversity and how it affects business and social etiquette in India
  • How timelines, hierarchies, attitudes, and communication patterns play out in different workplace scenarios

Program feedback

While it was an interesting experience for us to look at “ourselves” through the eyes of “others”, our participants reported that they got some interesting new “perspectives” with the workshop. They found the case studies and scenarios “relatable” and the discussions helpful for overall cultural assimilation.