Program on Negotiation Skills for the Procurement team at a 2 Wheeler Manufacturing Company

Training landscape:

Most Procurement teams look at Negotiations through a Win-Lose lens. The Vision for this program was to sensitize participants to the idea of approaching every Negotiation with a Win-Win outlook. As the Supply chain and Procurement teams had long standing relationships with their vendor partners, taking a long term view of the entire process as opposed to extracting the maximum concession in the short run, became even more critical. 

Shradha HRD solution:

Post detailed conversations, we designed a program that covered

  1. Conducting collaborative and principled Negotiations: look beyond the traditional ways of viewing negotiation
  2. Reduce the threat perception and create an environment that is trust filled
  3. The 4 Negotiation styles& table skills during a negotiation
  4. Creative problem solving for a Win-Win situation

The most critical part of a program on Negotiations is to be able to give participants a real life feel of Negotiating. Designing customized role play situations in such a situation requires time and effort. This however ensures that participants are able to take away learning that they can actually implement during their Negotiations.


Program feedback:

Participants really enjoyed the session and felt that not only did they learn new techniques of negotiation skills but it gave them confidence in their interactions. They also understood the criticality of creating an atmosphere of trust and positive communication during any negotiation. In fact some of them said that there were many situations in their work when they felt blocked and were unable to find a solution to move forward on their negotiations. However, after attending this particular workshop due to the very customized role plays they were able to find resolution to many of their issues.