How Do You Test If You Are An Empathetic Interviewer?

Ask yourself these 3 questions to check if you are an empathetic interviewer? A recent conversation with a young lawyer, about a job interview led to an insight on how interviewers can add to the “interview experience”

The interviewee had an upcoming interview with a Tier 1 law firm. Despite having the necessary qualifications and experience, he had been unable to clear his last 3 interviews.

He reached out to me before his interview and revealed he was a nervous interviewee. His ask: “what should I say/not say during the interview so that I have a better chance of being selected?”

Over the years ShradhaHRD has been involved with several interventions on hashtag#effectiveinterviewing and I did share my perspective on what an interviewee needs to do to showcase his/her profile.

A thought stayed with me for a couple of days-what can interviewers do to improve the process, beyond the general hygiene factors:

The solution:

  1. Do I do enough to make the interviewee comfortable? (this will vary based on nervousness levels)
  2. Do I ask the interviewee the right questions to showcase his/her profile? (will need to be customized)
  3. And FINALLY…did I give the interviewee feedback on their profile/interview? (if this is done, it genuinely helps interviewees and demonstrates empathy)