The human mind is capable of wonderful things. All it needs is the correct stimulus to unlock its latent potential. That’s the insight that drives us every day at Andragogy; as we go about exploring the limits of excellence and Enabling Possibilities in everything we do.

Andragogy - Speech Genetic Lab

Online Training

  • Are your employees spread out across India?
  • Does a majority of your work force work from home?
  • Do you face challenges getting your team into a room for training?
  • Do operational pressures hamper training time for your teams?
  • If yes, then our virtual training solutions and Webinars might be the solution for your challenges.

Our On-line learning solutions include:

  • Webinars: short duration programs for larger audience size
  • Virtual training programs: slightly longer duration programs for upto 20 participants
  • Virtual training interventions: a learning journey spread across a couple of weeks/months
Andragogy - Objectives & Features
The competencies we train on address the following needs:
  • New entrants to the work force that need to be sensitized to the shift from campus to a corporate environment.
  • Tenured individual contributors aspiring to move to take on managerial roles.
  • New managers that are juggling twin demands of meeting individual KRA’s & team responsibilities as well as
  • Senior managers that handle large teams and need to strike the right balance between benevolence and delivering the numbers.

What makes our online programs highly engaging and result oriented?

  • Proven instructional design capabilities over 20 years from diverse sectors
  • Use of gamified learning using technology
  • Experienced facilitators that bring best practices from across industries to the virtual classroom
  • Experiential learning through simulations
  • Bringing real life experiences of businesses and business leaders to make concepts relevant to learners


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