The human mind is capable of wonderful things. All it needs is the correct stimulus to unlock its latent potential. That’s the insight that drives us every day at Andragogy; as we go about exploring the limits of excellence and Enabling Possibilities in everything we do.

For Institutions

Imagine a system that lets you load your own educational content for students and teachers alike to access; anytime, A system that goes beyond mere education delivery to ensure your students’ employability. Versatile, interactive and multi-media enabled, immersive and flexible, it is a teaching-learning solution that is easy to deploy, operate and manage.


For Schools

A language lab that supplements the classroom, helping children acquire essential language skills in a self-paced, one-on-one learning environment.


For Teachers

A training solution for teachers to refresh and build up language skills according to their schedule. Useful for teachers of other subjects who want to enhance their presentation skills and also for semi-urban and rural english language teachers.


For Sports

A sports academy that brings the added benefit of sports to the school without the attendant logistical hassles. A complete plug and play solution.



Andragogy :
for Colleges /Universities

Andragogy for Colleges Universities

Imagine an extremely creative, flexible and easy to use educational software that liberates rather than constrains. That lets you create, upload and modify your content. That is built around a powerful search engine, which makes it possible for both students and teachers to locate anything.

It’s simple. It’s powerful. It’s Andragogy.

Built around the principle of need based accessibility and seamless scalability, Andragogy is the perfect fit for institutions looking to create interactive teaching learning experiences without the accompanying system overload. To actively assess their learning levels, students get to solve customized fill-in-the blank, and multiple choice question sheets and more. Andragogy is built around the premise of individualized learning solutions that use innovative methods to impart knowledge and utilize creative approaches to test students. Teachers can feed questions and answers in the system so that students can quiz themselves on the learning completed so far, making the process interactive and dynamic.
The system allows students to practice and learn at their own pace and also allows teachers to create customized questions and assessment sheets.

Andragogy A Better Learning Solution

A Better Learning Solution

Andragogy can train students on any subject. The use of Andragogy frees the teacher from a number of repetitive tasks. This way, a teacher can achieve twin objectives: group learning coupled with individualized attention. Add to this, the extremely low cost of running – you have a solution that’s better in every way.

Andragogy Employability Focused

Employability Focused

Andragogy is focused on the employability of students. It has been created by experts who have years of experience in corporate training. That wealth of experience has been woven into the system through soft skills program – how to handle interviews, do better in group discussions – to help improve the employability skills of students.

Andragogy Separate Access for Everyone

Separate Access for Everyone

Andragogy access is login dependent. This has been done to ensure individualized access. Teachers can update content and track the progress of students while every student gets course content and plans that are specifically meant for them.

Andragogy Upload Your Own Courses

Upload Your Own Courses

Andragogy gives you the option of uploading your own educational content so that you have the flexibility of doing a mix and match with preloaded and custom content to create the right balance.

Andragogy Helps Non-English Students

Helps Non-English Students

Andragogy helps these students ramp up their language skills in a very effective manner, in a non-threatening, self-paced environment. Andragogy has been designed by experts who have over 1,00,000 man hours of training experience in creating specialized content. It is designed to help students from non-English speaking backgrounds become better at almost all aspects of learning.

Andragogy Break Lessons into Smaller Parts

Break Lessons into Smaller Parts

Whatever your educational content requirements, you can easily break the lessons into convenient smaller parts thus making it easier for the students. As a result learning is fun and retentive. Students can appear in tests as per their own schedule, this helps remove the fear of tests, to a large extent, from their minds.

Andragogy Create Lessons for Students

Create Lessons for Students

The flexibility provided to teachers by Andragogy proves very useful because they can go by the needs of their students and devise lessons according to specific requirements. For example, if someone needs to brush up his grammar skills the teacher may create specific lessons to bring that student on par with the class, thus improving the overall performance of the class.

Andragogy Multiple Levels

Multiple Levels

The teachers can vary the level of difficulty depending on their own preferences and student requirements. The students can choose to appear in the tests as many times as they like so as they can be sure that they have gone through the lesson carefully. Throughout the focus is on repetitive practice and to learn by doing.

Andragogy Easily Track Performance

Easily Track Performance

The most important part is the evaluation mechanism of Andragogy, which makes performance tracking tasks of the teachers easier than ever before. Andragogy can track all the individual students as well as their usage, and performance in every review and test.

for Schools

Proficiency in the English Language opens the doors to success. It is no secret that success in the higher ranked colleges and in most competitive examinations is easier for students with higher levels of fluency in the international language of business and communication. One of the key concerns you have as a school is to ensure that the teaching-learning context of English improves communication skills of both students and teachers.

Andragogy®: Speech Genetic® Lab is a fully integrated, automated multi ‘dimensional and functional’ software that also functions as a true digital language lab. It comes loaded with the relevant English language content, which can be further customized according to your specific requirements.

Andragogy for Schools

Andragogy :
Speech Genetic ® Lab

Andragogy Speech Genetic Lab

Andragogy®: Speech Genetic® Lab covers all areas of spoken and written English which include pronunciation, grammar, reading & comprehension, listening & comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary building, word stress, sentence stress & intonation.

Its powerful authoring tool allows the content being delivered in sync with global/national and state needs. It however, retains its individual focus since communication skills and language proficiency is gained through actual practice and not mere lectures.

The lab is dual purpose. It enables schools to not only teach students but also train

Further, the lab can be used to upscale the language skills of teachers who teach other subjects and English teachers who need to bridge the capability gap.

This Train The Trainer aspect helps create long lasting capabilities that positively impact language skill creation across the institution.

Key objectives and features:

  • Versatile Built on the Andragogy platform; can be used to train on all relevant aspects of English.
  • Indian content Designed in line with the CBSE curriculum. Additional content, also suitable for students & teachers from rural, semi-urban background for whom English is a second language. Existing content has trained over 100,000 students.
  • Future upgradeable Content is easily editable and customizable as per the requirements of the target group.
  • Mass deployable For the Indian environment, yet retains an individual focus with lowest training/teaching cost. It can easily be deployed at any centre with basic computer hardware.
  • Person-centric platform Where a student learns by doing, interacting and effective feedback.
  • More teacher, per teacher The software frees the teacher from a number of repetitive tasks. A teacher can achieve twin objectives: group learning coupled with individualized attention, ensuring efficient utilization of time.
  • CCE Based on the principles of CBSE Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation to monitor student progress, Andragogy has been designed as per the latest CCE guidelines, which emphasize listening, speaking and conversational skills.
  • Measurable Teachers can measure the progress of students on a periodic basis.
  • Fully integrated And automated system for learning & assessments.
  • Improvement The Lab is designed to help students better their language skills through “practice- practice”.

for Teachers

Before we can teach the students, we need to prepare the teachers.

Andragogy Faculty Development Program, powered by the Andragogy Digital Lab is focused on enhancing the presentation skills & communication abilities of teachers and empowering them to deliver effective classroom teaching.

The focus of the program to empower teachers on new methods of content dissemination to improve the overall effectiveness of classroom teaching by:

Making teachers aware of their presentation styles, identifying areas of opportunity and presenting complex technical information simply.

Enhancing spoken english language capabilities, both for english language teacher and other subject teacher.

Andragogy for Teachers

Also for Semi-urban
& Rural Areas

Andragogy for Teachers

Teachers & educators who teach the English language, especially in rural areas struggle to converse in English, are often unable to construct grammatically correct sentences & are unable to express basic ideas due to inadequate vocabulary. These issues reflect when teachers are teaching English in the class room.

The only way to improve the English speaking & teaching abilities of teachers is to give them continuous inputs & practice on the language in a scientific manner, over time. Our Speech Genetic® lab uses principles of adult learning & brings the benefits of technology into the class room. The platform standardizes content delivery, encourages practice & acts as a valuable aid for the instructor in a blended learning program.

Key Benefits

  • Standardization of training content So that the quality of the training program is maintained. The idea is to make the system strong and reduce the dependence on individual faculty.
  • Knowledge base creation Relevant content can easily be created, stored & upgraded on an on-going basis. This ensures that over the years material that has been created by various experts/ specialists is maintained and not lost over time.
  • Flexibility to modify/edit content Speech Genetic® lab has the unique feature of giving flexibility to the teacher of being able to create, modify or add to the content that is present in the system.
  • Relevancy of content & methodology The content that is present on Andragogy Speech Genetic® platform has been Vetted by over 100,000 students. Teachers can then train their students to improve their spoken English capabilities.
  • Minimal hardware requirementsIt can be loaded onto existing computer labs and used as per the convenience and pace of the user.
  • Retentive Learning Learning is fun and retentive at the same time. This creates a pull of the user towards the learning.
  • Automated system to track learner progress He platform has a comprehensive & robust evaluation mechanism. The report tracks the progress of the user & tells the administrator how much work he has actually done on the system.


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