The human mind is capable of wonderful things. All it needs is the correct stimulus to unlock its latent potential. That’s the insight that drives us every day at Andragogy; as we go about exploring the limits of excellence and Enabling Possibilities in everything we do.


Management Skills Training Programs

Andragogy Management Excellence

Our expert facilitators’ group helps managers address their individual development goals and, as a result, drive transformational change through the organization.

The takeaways are greater confidence and expertise in addressing tasks and issues, a fresh strategic perspective and the ability to allocate responsibilities to each member of the team, in accordance with their skills and developmental milestones.

Andragogy Management Excellence Programs Beyond day-to-day management, towards becoming a strategic motivator who inspires…that’s the key focus of our Management Skills Training Programs. Full of practical inputs and operational insights to enhance performance at every engagement point, the programs are customized to suit the needs of diverse industries, situations and levels of hierarchy.

The content & methodology of Management Skills Training Programs is geared towards making a transformational change. This is done by successfully addressing self-defeating and regressive behaviour patterns as well as equipping executives with the necessary skill set to take on new roles and responsibilities as they move up the corporate ladder.

Management Skills Training Programs

How to build high performance teams
& master conflict resolution

  • Understanding the true essence of a Team.
  • What are your role and responsibilities as a Team Member
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to communication within a team
  • How to create the right environment for cooperation within teams
  • Using conflict situations positively: as a means to achieving synergy, consensus, etc.

Achieving exceptional results through: goal setting, planning & prioritization

  • The process of setting goals
  • Understanding the inter-relationship between goals, planning & prioritization
  • Why is strategic planning of utmost importance?
  • What is the Urgent Important scale and how to use it
  • Using external tools for planning
  • The importance of delegation

How to become a more
effective interviewer

  • How to understand competencies required for a particular job description & identifying matching behaviors in a candidate
  • The Interviewer’s tool-kit: external and internal preparation- identifying the necessary attitudinal traits and skills needed for ‘job profile’.
  • How to look beyond the CV: Probing techniques to discover the real profile of the candidate
  • Using an objective & data driven approach to interviewing

What works at work: building
successful workplace relationships

  • Understanding needs of the key stakeholder
  • Steps to building trust & rapport - Solution Oriented vs Problem Oriented approach
  • Clear & assertive communication - Managing Expectations-under promise and over deliver
  • Developing influencing skills
  • Handling difficult people

Delivering an outstanding
customer experience

  • Understanding the concept of customer centric-ness: “What’s in it for me?”
  • The importance of a larger system and the relevance of each individual in the system
  • Taking ownership of the process & working with a solutions mind-set with the customer
  • Strategies for handling difficult customers

Using creativity & innovation as
effective change creators

  • What is the need for Creativity & Innovation?
  • The Aphorisms for ‘Creativity’
    • How to destroy judgment and create curiosity
    • Paying attention:
    • Why dumb questions are not dumb: they are the key to building clarity
    • Inspiration and Implementation
  • Applying ‘out of the box’ thinking techniques

Identifying, deriving, driving
organizational goals

  • The process of identifying values & deriving goals from these values
  • Achieving clarity in defining the hierarchy of goals
  • Working purposefully for the achievement of goals
  • Ensuring team support to achieve joint objectives
  • Techniques for effective monitoring & execution
  • Mechanism for review

Enhancing personal
effectiveness & impact

  • SWOT to assess individual strengths and areas of opportunity
  • The art of motivating yourself and others, the power of positive thinking
  • Achieving a solutions’ oriented mindset at work
  • Enhancing Personal Impact
    The importance of interconnectedness & working effectively in teams
  • Emotional Intelligence for better relationships

Attitude for altitude

  • Setting a SMART goal & steps to achieving it
  • Understanding the causal loop between thought, desire & action-how thought influences the final outcome
  • How to de-condition the mind & stay positive
  • Simple techniques to keep the mind positive in adverse circumstances
  • Problem solving techniques & mind maps