The human mind is capable of wonderful things. All it needs is the correct stimulus to unlock its latent potential. That’s the insight that drives us every day at Andragogy; as we go about exploring the limits of excellence and Enabling Possibilities in everything we do.


Leadership Training and Development

There is an invisible line that separates good managers from becoming great leaders. We help you cross over to the realization that true achievement always comes through inspirational leadership that enables and empowers your team. Our leadership training companies in India are scientifically designed to address functional as well as foundational needs. At their core are the principals of self-empowerment, effectively leading teams, coaching team members and achieving organizational targets.

We start with a deep and fundamental understanding of the human mind: how it functions, what are its trigger points, how does it respond to carefully calibrated stimuli. We also use ancient principles of management: “the Vedantic approach” that are very relevant today. Our Vedas are rich repositories of

leadership training in india

effective management approaches and a powerhouse of emotional intelligence strategies. It is a conscious choice on our part to delve into the wellspring of our scriptures rather than consume repurposed principles from foreigners.

Our eclectic approach enables us to integrate multiple strands into a cogent and compelling narrative. We weave in modern approaches like ‘systems-level thinking’ and constantly innovate to redefine our leadership techniques. So that our programs are always ahead of the curve of changing trends and emerging challenges.

Through all our leadership training companies in India, we help align your purpose and vision, and more important, empower you to effectively communicate your expectations to your team on a consistent basis. In the process, we help transform people at the fundamental level… creating change agents who positively impact organizational success.

Leadership Excellence Programs

Executive Coaching
for leaders

  • The purpose, importance and meaning of coaching in today’s context
  • The Tao of Coaching- understanding the Process; how it works
  • Focus on Transactional effectiveness: Developing the task to be accomplished attitude
  • Using the GROW model for coaching
  • Using assertiveness for effective interpersonal communication; building rapport

Effectively using
feedback at every level

  • Feedback completes the communication loop: the Importance of feedback
  • Moderating your feedback according to the person profile
  • Using the 9-box matrix for giving feedback
  • SAID model during the feedback process
  • The importance of Objectivity in giving and receiving Feedback: treating feedback as feedback only and not an opinion on the individual

The workplace benefits
of emotional intelligence

  • What is Emotional Intelligence: its effect on our everyday lives & relationships
  • Defining emotional intelligence & breaking it into its constituent parts
    • Self awareness
    • Self regulation
    • Empathy
    • Managing relationships
    • Motivation
  • Techniques of building and applying emotional intelligence

The essential structured
thinking toolkit

  • How to get to the root of a problem through root cause analysis
  • Mastering the process of scientific decision making
  • Breaking down your work into smaller, achievable goals; planning to achieve results
  • Unlocking the door to Inventive thinking
  • Important techniques to increase your awareness

Understanding & driving
change within organizations

  • How do we work, what are our processes, what can we change for the better
  • Why change, What is change & its relevance in our lives
  • What are the Laws of change
  • Why is there resistance towards change, understanding resistance is the first step towards removing it
  • Strategies for driving change within an organization

Management development
certificate program

  • Challenging spirit & motivation
  • Goal setting planning & prioritization
  • High impact communication skills
  • Building high performance teams and conflict resolution
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Coaching & feedback