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BPO’s Training Programs

BPO’s are at the front lines of customer experience. They are, at most times, the face of the company or of a specific offering, to the customer. This makes theirs a critical function in the entire customer experience and brand expression domain. That’s the reason why, it is important for their staff to be primed to handle a range of situations and requests. From an unhappy customer to a mere service request, from selling a high-end product to being sensitive to customer needs, a large range of evolved language and soft skills are essential. Our BPO’s Training Programs are designed to let BPO’s ramp up the capabilities of their executives in critical areas for optimal outcomes across the organization and in service delivery.

Pre-process training for
better voice processes

  • The art of speaking English Better
    • How to improve fluency in spoken English: speaking grammatically correct English
    • Techniques to neutralize mother tongue influence in pronunciation
    • Regulating your rate of speech in line with international benchmarks
  • Developing a customer service orientation and telephone handling skills
    • Developing Customer centric-ness:the right attitude; process ownership
    • Understanding the Essentials of Telephone etiquette
    • The Importance of Listening Advanced techniques to improve resolution of issues: Listening, probing, questioning, resolving, paraphrasing, closing, service no, etc.
    • Managing different types of customers and customer situations

Pre-process training for
non-voice processes

  • Language proficiency
    • How to improve your sentence structure
    • A refresher on the Basic Principles of Grammar
    • Process-specific templates & formats of writing
  • Reading & Comprehension
    • Tips on how to draw answers from document
    • Exercises for speed reading
    • Practice exercises for Reading & Comprehension
  • Refresher on MS office
    • Understanding the essential parts of MS word & their applications
    • Becoming better at MS office & using applications productively
  • Business & E-mail writing skills
    • How to structure a formal email
    • Essentials of Punctuation and Spelling
    • How to avoid Indian English expressions

On-the-floor coaching &
mentoring programs

  • The program is highly focused to individual needs and is designed to cover the following areas:
    • Customer Relations Management: Focus on understanding customers, their perceptions and needs in the global context; building skills to effectively handle customers on calls; develop ownership and empathy for enhanced customer service
    • English language proficiency: develops ability to communicate fluently and clearly; reduce mother tongue influences and improve pronunciation
    • Listening skills: develops the Listening quotient as well as the ability to listen to different accents
    • Telephone etiquette and call handling skills
    • Thinking on your feet: develops the ability to think logically, quickly and clearly; removes notions and assumptions while dealing with customer issues